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Made from neoprene these armbands are highly comfortable, durable and will keep your mobile device stable and secure. They have a clear protective window cover and a flap that manages and stores your earphone cord. The reflective logo is a nice touch and they are suitable for exercising outdoors with the elements or inside. Adjusts from 9" - 16".

These armbands come in various sizes to fit most makes and models. To find out which size you need, see the tab WHICH ARMBAND FOR MY DEVICE? Remember to measure your device as it is, including any protective case, to ensure the correct size is calculated.

As a general guide:

AB83 - fits iPhone 5/5s/5c slim cases and iPhone 4/4s slim cases & more...
AB84 - fits Otterbox iPhone 5/5s/5c defender cases & more...
AB85 - fits Otterbox defender/commuter cases for Samsung Galaxy s4/s5, Moto X & more...
AB86 - fits Samsung Galaxy s3/s4 and Moto X with no case, iPhone 5/5s/5c with medium cases & more...
AB87 - fits iPhone 5/5s/5c with no case and iPod touch 5G & more...
AB88 - fits Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2 without cases & more...
AB90 - fits Galaxy s5/s4 active, HTC One(M8), LG G2, LG Lexus 5 all without cases & more...
AB91 - fits iPhone 6/7 Plus with no case or up to a medium case & more...

Follow these steps to determine which Sport Armband is right for you.

1. Measure Your Device. If you plan to leave your device in its case when using the Sport Armband, measure the device with its case on.

  • To determine Length, measure from the top of the device to the bottom.
  • To determine Width, measure from the left side of the device to the right.
  • To determine Depth, turn the device on its side and measure.
2. Calculate The Device's Circumference. To do so, multiply the Width and Depth each by 2 and then add them together.

For example, for a device with a Width of 2.5" and a Depth of 0.5", the circumference would equal 6".

(2x2.5") + (2x0.5") = 6"
      5"     +     1"      = 6"

3. Find The Right Sport Armband For Your Device. Use the table below to find a Sport Armband to fit your device.

Maximum Dimensions                                         Model

Length 5"            Circumference up to 6.3"            AB83 
Length 5.35"       Circumference up to 6.75"          AB84
Length 5.75"       Circumference up to 7.7"             AB85

Length 5-5.4"      Circumference up to 6"               AB86

Length 4.9"          Circumference up to 5.5"           AB87

Length 6"             Circumference up to 7.5"           AB88

Length 6.3"          Circumference up to 8.3"           AB89

Length 5.4-5.8"   Circumference up to 7"               AB90

Length 6.4"          Circumference up to 7.5"           AB91

Length 6.75"        Circumference up to 8.25"         AB92

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Tune Belt Sport Armband

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