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About Us

Leopard Rock is a family run business. Having lived in Africa for 3 years when I was in my twenties, the spirit of Africa has always remained with me.   Leopard rock is an actual  rock overlooking the beautiful Oribi Gorge in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa; the overhanging rock became known as leopard rock when Happy Day Tours (1932 to 1964) decided to advertise in the local paper and used a photograph of Suzie the leopard posing on the rock.    Suzie, the pet leopard of Clyde Sussens, used to on occasions meet the bus tours of people and leopard rock became very famous during the years of Happy Day Tours;  health and safety was different in those days!  

When I decided I wanted to run an honest, ethical business with integrity at its heart, it had to be Leopard Rock.  Fitness is for everybody and all the people  who go to the gym or run in the gym or run outside, are all  doing it for their own personal reasons: physical fitness, mental or physical health, stress relief, company, enjoyment.  Doing an activity nourishes the basic human need for exercise, something which all wild animals do naturally and something which we have to orchestrate into our busy lives.  Gyms are now a hive of activity for all the community  and very different to the gyms of the past but still I found it difficult to find in one shop fit-for-purpose,  good quality, ethical, stylish clothing for all the activities and classes I like to go to.  Many of the high street shops were male dominated and full of clothing for sports. 

Leopard Rock was started because of the change I wanted to see.